Integrate and embed

Jaspersoft® provides several interfaces that allow you to integrate or embed BI into your apps. You want to integrate two key areas: authentication and the user interface. The user interface can be embedded using three different methods:

(JavaScript APIs)


Web Services

Single sign-on authentication

Implementing single sign-on (SSO) results in a user being able to log in to JasperReports Server based on a shared login mechanism and ID. Common external authentication mechanisms include external DB, LDAP, CAS, and Token Based Authentication.

Whitelabeling Jaspersoft

Customize Jaspersoft to match your brand and application for a seamless user experience. CSS-based themes allow a set of changes to be packaged together in one view. Themes are stored in the repository and are part of the JasperReports Server UI framework that provides separation of structure, presentation, and events.

Creating themes


The JavaScript API exposed through Visualize.js allows you to embed and dynamically interact with reports. You can create web pages and web applications that seamlessly embed reports and complex interactions. You can control the look and feel of all elements through CSS and invent new ways to merge data into your application. It offers the most flexibility when it comes to UI design and interactivity.


Reports, dashboards and parts of the Jaspersoft application can be called via HTTP and embedded via iFrames into your applications. Even the dashboard and Ad Hoc designers can be embedded.

Web Service APIs

The REST Web Service APIs allow components of JasperReports Server to be integrated into other applications via Web Service calls by the hosting application. This includes repository services, scheduling services, Domain services and administrative services. Web Service requests are authenticated using Spring Security and can be configured to use HTTPS.

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