Business intelligence in Docker containers

Build and package better analytics into your apps with Jaspersoft for Dockers

Traditional applications are monolithic, hard to change, and run on expensive servers, which makes them difficult to maintain and scale. As opposed to large-server inflexibility, containers allow services to run and scale independently of each other. The result is often operational excellence and unparalleled levels of flexibility. Jaspersoft® software for Docker delivers the benefits of BI containerization for your reporting and analytics deployment.

What is Jaspersoft for Docker?

Jaspersoft software for Docker packages and distributes a Dockerfile designed to build a Docker image and a Docker Compose script to architect multi-container Docker applications. It is fully functional open-source, with scripts for building Docker containers open for modification so architects can fit Jaspersoft embedded BI into their software stack in the way that fits best.

Introducing Japsersoft for Docker.

DevOps efficiencies for BI

Jaspersoft software for Docker lets you create a JasperReports® Server Docker image that can be configured to integrate into a multi-container environment at runtime. Having Jaspersoft embedded BI bundled in a container gives DevOps teams the exact same setup running in staging as in production.

Ultimate reporting scalability with containers

Implementation summary:

  • 50+ services and microservices in the stack, including Jaspersoft embedded BI.
  • Services run as Docker containers in Apache Mesos.
  • Dockerized Jaspersoft software enables moving instances between cluster nodes for maintenance purposes, for example.
  • Operational excellence with near zero downtime when moving Jaspersoft containers or deploying a new version.

Docker developers & Jaspersoft software

Develop a report or dashboard only to see it fail when deployed? With Jaspersoft software as part of a containerized application, you can spin up an entire stack on local machines with the exact production environment that it will run on later, which increases agility and reduces errors. Containerization for BI makes this possible for developers.