Business intelligence for government

Government-ready reporting software

Develop meaningful insights, more efficiently manage operations, and maintain compliance with government regulations. Jaspersoft® business intelligence for government provides reporting capabilities to empower public sector workers and their stakeholders to make faster, better decisions.

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Provide actionable insights

You can rely on the Jaspersoft business intelligence for a government solution to turn data into actionable insights for your most important systems. Stakeholders throughout government entities need detailed information to act quickly and maintain operational efficiency. Deliver data right into their hands with pixel-perfect reports and dashboards.

Involve many stakeholders

Public policy decisions often involve many stakeholders, many of whom need a personalized view of the relevant data. Make sure everyone is on the same page, able to share reports easily, and able to answer their own questions with self-service reporting.

Improve operational efficiency

Ensure that your mission-critical systems are operating at efficiency with performance analytics and reporting. Collaborate to solve problems with meaningful visualizations of your governmental data and quickly enact changes by distributing interactive reports and dashboards.

Enhance citizen services

Use your data to make services for citizens better. Push for positive societal change, lower crime rates, promote citizen well-being and build better programs. Jaspersoft embedded BI helps government agencies help citizens with actionable insights embedded inside the applications and websites they expose to the public.


Security & compliance

Jaspersoft's multi-tenancy capabilities allow you to easily manage access to confidential data for various user types and ensure the security of private information. Maintain compliance with regulations and protect citizens' data privacy.


Display a report in all world languages via Unicode (UTF-8) or other native encodings, such as ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1) for Western European languages. Format the report differently based for desired locales.

Self-service reporting

Provide users with the ability to create their own reports, visualizations, and dashboards from government data using a drag-and-drop report designer made for non-technical users.

Audit logging

Jaspersoft's built-in audit and monitoring services provide diagnostics, compliance and performance metrics.

Pixel-perfect designer

Whether you are building a report, dashboard, or an individual visualization, control the look and feel of your designs down to the pixel-level.

Mobile BI

Stay informed on the go. The Jaspersoft business intelligence for government solution allows you to browse, view, and interact with government-related reports and dashboards on your phone with native apps for iPhone and Android.

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