Financial analytics software

Distribute pixel-perfect financial statements to your stakeholders

Jaspersoft® embedded BI offers pixel-perfect and self-service reporting for financial services. Make information consistently available to clients and regulatory bodies and establish a single source of truth by delivering rich and compelling reports. Empower everyone with financial analytics software to monitor performance and improve decision-making.

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Deliver insights

Share critical financial information with key stakeholders in real time. Present insightful reports that give finance teams and other stakeholders the answers they need for measuring profitability, evaluating growth, and making financial decisions supported by the data.

Improve productivity

Collect and organize financial data, and deliver reports in real time to support better decision-making. Reduce delays and allow teams to work collaboratively on projects with comprehensive, easily distributed reports. Save time and money using engaging, meaningful reporting to support your financial decisions.

Meet financial reporting standards

Today, standards for financial reports are stricter than ever. Meet formatting requirements for financial reports with the Jaspersoft pixel-perfect design tool capable of creating any report or visualization imaginable.

Scale growth cost-effectively

Reach new economies of scale with enhanced financial reporting capabilities. Keep up with a growing client base using an architecture and pricing model designed to scale. Don’t be afraid to bring on new users. Unlike traditional BI tools, Jaspersoft software is priced based on required computing power (CPU cores), not users.


Data security

Multi-tenancy capabilities allow you to easily manage data access for different user types and ensure the security of confidential or private financial data.

Custom templates and subreports

Go beyond standard reporting layouts and create custom report templates. Use these templates in combination with subreports and composite elements in Jaspersoft® Studio software to create personalized financial reports for each client.

Self-service reporting

Provide business users and clients with the ability to create their own financial reports and dashboards using a drag-and-drop design environment designed for non-technical users.

Export to any format

Export your financial reports to more than 10 file formats, including PDF, Excel spreadsheet, HTML for fully interactive web content. Or simply send the data to be consumed via API by a third-party tool.

Pixel-perfect designer

Whether you are building a report, dashboard, or an individual visualization, control the look and feel of your designs down to the pixel-level with Jaspersoft Studio software.

Report books

Bundle multiple reports and/or subreports into a single object composed of reports, subreports, cover pages, and tables of contents. Perfect for annual reports, regulatory statements, and other long-form report types.

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