Big data business intelligence in an instant

Connect to, combine, and visualize big data

Natively connect to and visualize data from Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, and more. Build reports, dashboards, and data visualizations directly from these data stores without having to move the data to another database. Embed big data business intelligence inside your app and use the insights to optimize your business.


Quick, responsive reporting

Connect to and analyze big data directly without moving through ETL. Use native connectors that push down queries to the underlying data source and deliver optimal performance for interactive reporting.

A holistic view of all your data

Combine operational data stored in relational databases with big data sources to achieve a holistic view of your business or customers. Blend data through the Jaspersoft® innovative data virtualization metadata layer or combine it into a traditional data warehouse using ETL.

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Embed big data in your app

Present interactive visualizations and dashboards in the user interface of your application with an easy to integrate web-based platform. Embed a self-service report designer to let non-technical users build or modify visualizations on their own.

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Big data reporting on AWS

With Jaspersoft® software for AWS, you can deploy our full BI server into your AWS environment instantly, detect and connect to Amazon's Redshift or EMR service automatically, and create your first report or visualization against your big data immediately, within minutes. Read the AWS Quick Start Guide to learn best practices for deploying Jaspersoft on AWS.

Jaspersoft for AWS quick start