DAT Freight & Analytics replaces Oracle Forms with Jaspersoft® for their DAT Keypoint application


DAT Freight & Analytics seeks a reliable, easy-to-use embedded reporting solution

Every second counts when freight brokers and logistics providers coordinate the transportation of goods. DAT Freight & Analytics’ innovative DAT Keypoint application streamlines this process by matching shippers with carriers to move freight. However, the company ran into a roadblock when Oracle announced it would stop supporting its Forms product, a key component of DAT’s tech stack.

Freight brokers use DAT Keypoint as Transportation Management Software (TMS) software. This all-in-one platform allows them to manage accounting and financial reporting. It also enables brokers and carriers to exchange essential documents. Oracle Forms facilitated data entry and retrieval by populating screens from inputs that live in DAT’s database.

DAT’s user experience depended on Oracle Forms to generate contracts, reports, and other documents. Clients used DAT for almost every aspect of their operations, from financial reporting to profitability analysis. The sudden loss of support for Oracle Forms would have disrupted these critical processes. 

DAT needed a replacement for Oracle Forms to keep its DAT Keypoint TMS and clients operating smoothly. The DAT team looked for a solution that would make the migration as smooth as possible and result in a reliable, easy-to-use experience for its customers.


DAT Freight & Analytics chooses Jaspersoft — the right mix of customizability, ease of use, and reliability

General Manager, Steve Blair, and Software Development Lead, Daniel Overby, spearheaded DAT’s search for a solution to replace Oracle Forms. They started their hunt by tapping their professional networks and technical communities for recommendations. One vendor came up again and again: Jaspersoft. 

Jaspersoft is a leading solution for embedded analytics. People in Blair and Overby’s network shared their positive experiences with Jaspersoft’s product. The DAT team was also intrigued to learn about Jaspersoft’s ongoing investments in its embedded analytics and pixel-perfect reporting.

“When we researched the market, we kept hearing that Jaspersoft was the way to go. Jaspersoft just kept popping up all over the place,” says Overby. “It seemed like Jaspersoft was a going concern and would provide the longevity we need.” 

These recommendations convinced DAT to choose Jaspersoft over numerous other vendors to replace Oracle Forms in their tech stack. The platform now plays a major role in designing and executing all reporting tasks within DAT’s system for over 300 TMS customers. 

Jaspersoft interacts with DAT’s database and reliably prints reports to the screen, email, or paper. DAT’s clients use this tool to generate electronic documents to facilitate shipments, including bills of lading, checks, invoices, and receipts. These documents allow brokers to transfer freight to carriers quickly and cost-effectively. 

The platform also creates historical reports so DAT’s customers can track and analyze customers, routes, and freights. Brokers use these reports to identify trends, monitor performance, and make strategic decisions. 

Additionally, Jaspersoft provides actionable information for over 125,000 truckloads moved through the DAT Broker TMS solution monthly. This data enables DAT’s customers to answer strategic questions regarding load quantities, frequency, and route and carrier profitability.

Jaspersoft enables self-service contract customization for DAT’s customers

The high volume of contracts was one of the most significant challenges that DAT faced when switching from Oracle. DAT’s clients create and sign contracts between brokers and carriers for every load shipped, resulting in thousands of contracts generated each month. 

The dynamic nature of these contracts added an extra layer of complexity. Freight companies often need to tweak or customize contracts based on the specific requirements of each shipment. For example, brokers and carriers frequently add legalese to protect both parties when transporting freight. So, the replacement for Oracle needed to offer more than static templates. 

“When we transitioned to Jaspersoft, the biggest pain point was migrating 3,000 custom reports, most of which were [custom contracts]: the contracts for every load. Well, it’s hard to come up with a standard contract that people will agree to. Every lawyer wants to put their stamp on it,” explains Blair. “We now give our customers the ability to customize contracts themselves, and Jaspersoft made that happen.” 

Jaspersoft’s professional services met this need by developing a self-serve solution for contract customization. The software allows brokerages and carriers using DAT’s platform to customize the legalese, logo, and other elements of the contracts they exchange. 

Jaspersoft’s solution reduces the manual work and time required to migrate custom reports by over 80%. DAT’s customers have responded positively to this self-serve approach, appreciating its flexibility and efficiency. 

Jaspersoft’s pixel-perfect report editor further simplifies the transition

DAT Freight & Analytics needed to migrate 200 standard reports from Oracle to their new DAT Keypoint platform. These reports included invoices, shipper analysis, and other critical metrics. As they searched for a replacement, DAT’s team prioritized ease of use and speed in migrating these reports. 

Jaspersoft’s user interface for designing reports supported the successful migration of the standard reports from Oracle. Jaspersoft’s intuitive report editor allowed DAT to easily recreate the documents with a professional look without overburdening its technical teams. Using Jaspersoft’s pixel-perfect report design capabilities, DAT ensured each report maintained its intended appearance across various formats and screen sizes. 

DAT Freight & Analytics has continued to use Jaspersoft for four years and counting 

DAT Freight & Analytics has remained a loyal Jaspersoft customer for over four years. This successful collaboration has provided many benefits for DAT and its customers. 

DAT also values Jaspersoft’s problem-solving approach and willingness to collaborate on solutions with DAT’s technical team. This responsiveness has allowed DAT to deliver a better reporting experience for its clients. 

“Support is always really responsive. I can tell you, compared to what I’ve experienced in the past, it’s a great response time and [they're] always willing to work with us,” says Overby. “Whenever we make a request and have questions around what’s possible, Jaspersoft offers to put us in touch with the right teams who can offer up solutions.” 


Happy customers, 99.9% uptime, and hundreds of thousands of key reports generated every month

  • Faster Migration of Custom Reports Jaspersoft reduced the manual work and time required to migrate custom reports by over 80%. And more importantly, created a long-term solution for self-service customization that has received positive feedback from DAT’s customers

  • High Application Availability In over 4 years, DAT has only experienced one outage attributed to Jaspersoft, resulting a 99.9% uptime

  • Robust Server Supports Required Volume Jaspersoft powers over 200,000 emails and 300,000 reports that flow through DAT’s ERP solution

  • Actionable Information for Strategic Questions Over 125,000 truck loads are tracked by DAT Freight & Analytics every month. Jaspersoft makes it possible for DAT’s customers to answer strategic questions regarding load quantities, frequency, route and carrier profitability.


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[Jaspersoft is] always willing to work with us. Whenever we make a request and have questions around what’s possible, Jaspersoft offers to put us in touch with the right teams who can offer up solutions.

Daniel Overby

Software Development Lead

DAT Freight & Analytics

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