Dr. Jaspersoft Webinar Series

Designed to help new and advanced Jaspersoft users, the Dr. Jaspersoft webinar series is hosted by Jaspersoft Experts in Solutions Engineering, Architecture, Professional Services, and Customer Success. The monthly series consists of live 30-minute sessions to share Jaspersoft best practices, explore deeper topics, and solve unique challenges.

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Back to Basics: 101 Series

At TIBCO, we love all things BI. Over the next few weeks, hear from our experts as we take you “Back to the Basics” with our four-part webinar series."Hear from our experts as we take you “Back to the Basics” with our four-part webinar series. In this series, we’re going to get you up to speed with the most foundational and critical categories of business intelligence: reporting, dashboards, embedded in-app analytics, data integration and virtualization. Should you have any questions, please reach out to emeawebinars@tibco.com. We look forward to greeting you on one or more of these webinars.

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Augment Your BI with Jaspersoft

Join the TIBCO Jaspersoft team as we highlight how you can Augment Your BI through a series of three webinars.

Webinar 1 will look at Data Science + Reporting 

Webinar 2 will look at Data Virtualization + Reporting.

Webinar 3 will look at The Cloud + Reporting

To find out more on the webinars, check out the individual landing pages linked below.

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