Dr. Jaspersoft Webinar Series

Dr. Jaspersoft is a program from TIBCO aimed at helping new and advanced users. The program is hosted by Jaspersoft Experts in Pre Sales, Architecture, Professional Services, and Customer Success. The program consists of monthly 30-minute live webinars/sessions to share Jaspersoft best practices, explore deeper topics, and solve unique challenges.

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8:30 AM PDT/ 11:30 AM EDT/ 5:30 PM CEST

Connect your users from anywhere! Accelerate, centralize and simplify authentication via Single Sign-On on JasperReports Server. Many external authentication options can be integrated with JRS, this time we have chosen to show you a very popular approach with OpenID Connect and AWS Cognito as an IDP (Identity Provider). A lot of the techniques you will learn will be applicable to other technologies / IDP/'s.

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