Dr. Jaspersoft Webinar Series

Dr. Jaspersoft is a program from Jaspersoft aimed at helping new and advanced users. The program is hosted by Jaspersoft Experts in Pre Sales, Architecture, Professional Services, and Customer Success. The program consists of monthly 30-minute live webinars/sessions to share Jaspersoft best practices, explore deeper topics, and solve unique challenges.

Series Events

9:00 AM PDT/ 12:00 PM EDT/ 6:00 PM CEST

Dr. Jaspersoft is live on the 2nd Thursday of each month!
Hosted by Jaspersoft integration and customer success experts, Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours is a program from Jaspersoft aimed at helping new and advanced users. The feature sessions are monthly 30-minute live webinars to help users with extended topics, and unique analytics challenges.

On-Demand Webinars

For over 20 years, Jaspersoft has thrived at bringing the right report to the right people in the right format and in the right place; today, it is now possible to do so even more efficiently with JasperReports architectured as microservices.

In this Session, Dr. Jaspersoft will walk you through how to optimize your analytics and reporting with JasperReports IO.Show

Do you have a report with different parameters and recipients you need to run? With Jaspersoft bursting capabilities, save time and effort by running a report at once and distributing its data to different recipients relevant to them!

Slides available here.

In this month's Dr. Jaspersoft, we look at setting up single sign-on (SSO) in JasperReports Server using cloud-based access and identity management provider Okta. We will set up appropriate authorizations and map groups to roles in JRS.

Recorded webinars and slides shared here.

GraphQL is one of the latest & most popular open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs. You can run GraphQL queries and join multiple data sources out-of-the-box in JasperReports Server as of 7.5, via the available AutoREST Connector for JDBC, without having to install any additional packages. We will go through the setup and a couple of use cases

Easily leverage the power of Docker and Kubernetes deployment with your JasperReports Server instances, for better handling of your infrastructure and mission critical operations. In this month's session, we will guide you on how we support Docker & K8s so you can get the best experience for your JasperReports Server users and your own infrastructure team.

Please see here for

Take advantage of Rest APIs to serve your BI offering by using our JSON-based Rest API data source! Join us to know more about TIBCO Jaspersoft Autonomus REST Connector for JDBC: AutoREST driver. Connect to your endpoints and creates a relational map of the returned JSON data while using you're favorite SQL queries to fill your reports, ad hocs, and

Connect your users from anywhere! Accelerate, centralize and simplify authentication via Single Sign-On on JasperReports Server. Many external authentication options can be integrated with JRS, this time we have chosen to show you a very popular approach with OpenID Connect and AWS Cognito as an IDP (Identity Provider). Many of the techniques you will learn will be applicable to other

If you want to put CORS issues behind you once and for all, this session is for you. We will go through the configuration and testing of CORS issues on TIBCO JasperReports® Server, specifically the differences between versions up to 7.5, and 7.8, and later. We will also cover some typical use cases and a couple of troubleshooting & debugging


Want to increase on-premises TIBCO JasperReportsⓇ Server availability to better serve mission-critical operations? This month, we revisit the steps to achieve high availability, increased performance, and greater resource flexibility to serve your customers most efficiently.

We tackle a very popular topic: securing domain based reports. We will walk through a simple configuration and show how the data in a multi-tenancy set up can be secured based on role permissions and profile attributes.

We dive deep into the underbelly of your favorite reporting solution. We will take a unique look at how to debug the Java source code using Eclipse, demo how to add your own logging to the customizations you've made, and explore how to adjust logging levels to see the details you didn't know existed!

How can I connect to Jaspersoft directly from my application? Find out as we provide an overview of Jaspersoft REST web services and how to interact with Jaspersoft Server through the HTTP protocol.

Come explore this underused but powerful custom component that allows you to build custom visualizations in reports using external javascript libraries such D3, leaflet, etc. We will give you a closer look at how to get started with CVC in Jaspersoft Studio.

Follow along as we explore Jaspersoft Domains and the best practices behind creating and using them. We cover recommendations on how to properly build them, when to use derived tables, how to handle joins, and how much data is appropriate when building your domains.