Generate any report or visualization with lightning fast performance

JasperReports® Library is the heart of Jaspersoft® software. With more than 15 million downloads, it is the reporting engine that takes raw data and turns it into beautifully rendered reports and data visualizations. Written entirely in Java, JasperReports Library software is available standalone, and also comes embedded inside Jaspersoft® Studio and JasperReports® Server software, providing the functionality required to generate reports and visualizations based on designs.

A reporting engine that renders beautiful designs in any format

Beautiful designs in any format

One of the greatest strengths of JasperReports Library software is its versatility. Whether designing a printed report, a PDF document, or an interactive data visualization embedded in a web page, the library renders data in any format required to meet your needs.

Fast performance at any scale

Fast performance at any scale

It takes time for data to be processed before it’s represented in a report or visualization. Large volumes of data can have dramatic effects on performance. But JasperReports Library software is fast, giving developers several ways to supply data to it. The library’s proficiency and reliability explain why it’s been downloaded more than 15 million times and counting.

Runs Anywhere

Runs anywhere

Being a library, the software is completely environment agnostic. It can run standalone or it can literally become part of the hosting application. Just plug it into the classpath of your app and it’s ready to go. No installation required.

Customizable open source architecture

Customizable open source architecture

With all its functionality and power, the JasperReports Library reporting engine provides a surprisingly simple, flexible, and configurable API for developers to interface with. It will adapt to various needs when embedded into your Java application.

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