3 Popular Techniques in Jaspersoft Studio:

Over the course of 2 sessions Giulio Toffoli—architect of iReport and TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio—will demonstrate three popular techniques in Jaspersoft® Studio: 

  1. Creating TIBCO JasperReports® books: Using JasperReports®, you can organize related reports into a single object—complete with a table of contents to make it easy for your users to find the information they need.
  2. Querying JSON data using JSONQL: The new JSONQL built-in language to create complex reports fed by JSON data. We will show the basics of creating your own templates for this use case.
  3. Leveraging SVGs in your reports: Scalable vector graphics can add a powerful dimension of interactivity and engagement to your reports. We will explore how SVGs can be used in reports without requiring any special component.

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