Community or Commercial: Which Edition of Jaspersoft is Right For you?

As your application matures, and your customers’ requirements get more complex, it’s critical to understand how you’ll leverage TIBCO Jaspersoft® embedded BI to meet the demand. With multiple editions, the question remains: which Jaspersoft® edition is right for you?

Using live demonstrations and example scenarios, this interactive webcast will guide you through the various editions: Jaspersoft Community Edition or one of the Jaspersoft commercial editions. Whether you're trying Jaspersoft for the first time or deploying to mission-critical production systems, we have a plan to meet your needs and your budget.


This on-demand webcast explains:

  • Six steps for evaluating open source and commercial software
  • Popular features available in each edition, including details from our latest release
  • Which version of Jaspersoft best fits your needs

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