Data Science + Reporting

Get your Data Science Findings into the Hands of the Business

It’s one thing to surface incredible insights within a small group of data scientists. But how do you get those insights into the hands of the business so that users can make better decisions? Data science is about revealing unknowns in data, predicting what’s going to happen in the future, and prescribing actions. Reporting is about centralized, governed distribution of information. Together, you have a solution to distribute the output of your analytic and machine learning models—represented as beautiful reports and dashboards that can be distributed in any format—from printed documents or PDFs to data visualizations and reports that can be embedded in web apps. Join our session to learn how to bring this solution to life with TIBCO Jaspersoft and TIBCO Data Science software.

In this webinar, the following “reporting + data science” topics will be covered:

  • Why data science + reporting? And common use cases.

  • How it works: solution architecture for implementation.

  • Live demos of solution in action.

Data Science and Reporting_Jaspersoft_Webinar_102919.mp4

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