Introducing JasperReports® IO Professional: A New Breed of Reporting and Data Visualization Engine

Software architectures are changing. Monolithic applications are losing ground to decoupled, lightweight services that offer operational and cost efficiencies over their bulky and inefficient cousins. 

For you to fully leverage the power of BI & Analytics tools in these new architectures, they need to be compatible with the way modern software is developed and delivered. This is particularly important for scenarios that involve BI & Analytics functionality that is embedded into other applications.

Watch this webinar to learn about TIBCO JasperReports® IO Professional, what’s coming, what is available now, and how it will address the need for reporting and data visualization in today’s software architectures.

Watch now to learn the present and future of JasperReports® IO Professional:

Pluggable BI microservices that you control

Generate reports and data visualizations at infinite scale, with high availability  and consumption-based pricing, using a service designed to run anywhere and work how you want it to.

Beautiful visualizations & reports immersed in your applications

Build visualizations and reports to exact design specs. Embed seamlessly into modern web apps using a JavaScript API based on award-winning technology. 

Language-independent service

Use simple REST API calls to tell JasperReports® IO Professional what to do—any developer can access with ease.


Insert JasperReports® IO Professional into your DevOps pipeline & container-based architecture using the Dockerfile configuration.

Small footprint

As a specialized service, JasperReports® IO Professional is a fraction of the weight of traditional data visualization & reporting tools.

Based on the world's most popular reporting library

JasperReports® IO Professional is based on the TIBCO JasperReports® Library—the most powerful and utilized reporting library on the planet.

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