Introducing Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services: Data Virtualization at Scale

TIBCO has a new, best-in-class data virtualization tool, TIBCO Jaspersoft® Advanced Data Services. This new service can have a big impact on performance—particularly in scenarios that involve combining three or more data sources or accessing high volumes of data. It is also capable of performing complex joins and data transformations that aren’t possible in Jaspersoft® Domains.

Join our customer-exclusive webinar for an introduction to Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services, its use cases, and how it compares to existing Jaspersoft data integration options.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services compares to other Jaspersoft data integration options: Jaspersoft ETL and Jaspersoft Virtual Data Sources (Domains)
  • What use case scenarios are particularly well-suited for Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services
  • Through product demonstrations, how Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services works
  • How to try Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services for free

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