Modern Reporting at Scale

How to Distribute Information and Answers to the Masses

Recent innovations in data discovery are dominating business analytics discussions in the CIO office. Meanwhile, large-scale reporting systems continue to deliver the lion's share of information. Most of the content consumed by organizations is still in the form of a report or a spreadsheet.

Reporting keeps evolving and needs are shifting because relational databases are being augmented or replaced with integration platforms or NoSQL systems; monthly schedules with instant alerts; and static outputs with multiple interactive formats.

In this session, learn about these market and technology shifts, the pressures they create, and the tooling that effectively answers important information delivery needs.

View to learn:

  • How data access paradigms have evolved
  • The shift from single static outputs to multiple interactive outputs
  • Expectations for speed and delivery methods
  • Jaspersoft® APIs, architecture, and reporting innovations
  • How self-service reporting allows you to offload reporting workload to your users and customers  

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