Embedding Analytics with Jaspersoft: Key Differentiators and Functionality

Key Differentiators and Functionality for Jaspersoft

Research report written by Wayne W. Eckerson

TIBCO Jaspersoft should be on the short list of any company seeking to embed a commercial analytics tool into one or more applications, especially if the focus is on reports and dashboards with ad hoc reporting and queries. With its JavaScript API, TIBCO Jaspersoft will appeal to Web development shops with Java and JavaScript programmers who want to build immersive environments that seamlessly integrate analytics into the fabric of their applications.

This report evaluates TIBCO Jaspersoft against key criteria identified in Eckerson companion report: The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics. Sample criteria include: 
  • Embedding functionality
  • Data architecture
  • Security
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Packaging and pricing

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