TDWI Insight Accelerator

Achieving Scalable Reporting via Modern Data Management Technologies and Practices

Despite all the attention being paid to advanced analytics, reporting continues to be the foundation of business accounting, communication, and decision-making. Big data, new and diverse data assets, and continually growing user communities make reporting at scale either a valued resource (if you have it) or a critical issue (if you don’t). 

Types of BI

So, while your organization needs to embrace analytics to attain new insights, it must also continue to adopt reporting best practices. Investing in modern reporting solutions can help you keep pace with evolving business requirements and handle diverse user types, data structures, and use cases.

This new TDWI Insight Accelerator focuses on how modern data management platforms and techniques enable reporting at scale.

Topics Covered:

  • Why is reporting still highly relevant in the age of big data?
  • Why is reporting at scale a pressing issue?
  • Why is modern data management critical to the success of reporting at scale?
  • How should a data warehouse design support large-scale reporting and modern report practices?
  • How do innovations in database designs and data platforms apply to modern reporting at scale?
  • How can modern data management features and techniques apply to reporting at scale?
  • How can a data warehouse and a data lake work together for modern reporting and analytics at scale?
  • Recommendations for reporting at scale


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