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Which Jaspersoft Edition Is Right For You?

Learn the 7 key differences between Jaspersoft editions right now

Jaspersoft offers editions that are feature-perfect for simple to complex use cases.  Whether embedding reports and dashboards into an application, providing a business intelligence solution for your team or company, or rolling out a full stack of analytics tools and dashboards for your enterprise or customer base, Jaspersoft has a solution for you.  Take advantage of capabilities such as:

  • An Ad hoc report and dashboard design tool with intuitive drag and drop controls for non-technical users
  • A multi-tenant platform for managing access across multiple customers or organization
  • Seamless web app integration with JavaScript APIs
  • Native integration into any Java app
  • Interactive report viewing
  • A web portal for direct user access to reports and dashboards
  • Export pixel-perfect reports to many formats including PDF and excel
  • Centralized repository to store and manager reports, dashboards, data models, and more.  

JasperReports Library, JasperReports Server Community Edition, or JasperReports Server Professional or Enterprise Editions – Learn which Jaspersoft edition is best for you.