Reporting software for education

Help teachers, parents, and students make data-driven decisions

With meaningful data visualizations and reports, education reporting software enables school districts, principals, teachers, parents, and guardians to make data-driven decisions that positively impact a student's success. Reporting and analytics are telling untold stories about students' learning progress and helping overcome common education challenges.


Data storytelling

Thoughtful report design that tells a story. Help parents, teachers, and even students themselves understand student progress and quickly identify areas for improvement. Use embedded reporting to make the complex simple and help non-technical users get to insights faster.

Powerful insights for everyone

Enable non-technical users, like educators and parents, to make data-driven decisions. With embedded reporting, you can provide insights right where they need them—embedded directly into the applications they're already engaging with on a daily basis.

Engaging, data-rich education apps

Design valuable applications that give at-a-glance insights. Users don't want data, they want insights. Increase usability, and therefore engagement of your apps, by embedding reports and visualizations seamlessly into the user interface of your application.

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Pixel-perfect reports

Monitor student performance with pixel-perfect reports that can be designed to help users quickly identify the status of students and that can be powerfully distributed to parents, and school administrators in any volume.

Seamless embedding in apps

Embed reports and visualizations where teachers, students, and parents need them most—in your app—with Jaspersoft's award-winning JavaScript API. Ensure educators can effectively use the data reports they crave.

Multi-tenant support

Set access and sharing rules to ensure security and privacy of students' data while allowing for multiple users to engage with different views of available data sources.

Interactive dashboards

Provide teachers and parents with custom dashboards and visualizations designed to give them the answers they need. Fully interactive, Jaspersoft dashboards help users intuitively explore the data in ways that inform their decisions.

Custom templates and subreports

Go beyond standard reporting layouts and create custom report templates. Use these templates in combination with subreports and composite elements in Jaspersoft® Studio software to create personalized education reports for each stakeholder.

Self-service reporting

Provide teachers and school administrators with the ability to create their own reports, visualizations, and dashboards from education data using a drag-and-drop report designer made for non-technical users.

Illuminate Education

We were thoughtful about how the report design could help a parent see what the data means for their student, or help a teacher quickly identify which students need intervention, which ones are chronically absent, which group is excelling and might need additional resources. It's due to having lots of options within Jaspersoft® Studio tool.

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