Design, Embed, & Manage

A comprehensive BI platform that has you covered

There are three categories of capabilities offered by the Jaspersoft® BI platform: design, embed, and manage. Each category supplies a critical function needed to deliver a production-scale BI deployment to your business or customers.

Report and data visualization design

DESIGN reports and visualizations

The Jaspersoft reporting platform gives you the ability to satisfy any user experience requirement with a pixel-perfect design tool capable of creating any report, dashboard, or visualization imaginable. Want to offload some of that design work to your end-users? Enable business users to find answers on their own with the Jaspersoft drag-and-drop report designer.

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Embedding into Apps

EMBED and integrate into apps

With Jaspersoft reporting software, you have options for how you’d like to embed reporting into your application based on your needs. The most seamless and modern embedding method is done using our award-winning JavaScript API called Jaspersoft® Visualize.js™ software. Seamless integration enables the best possible data experience for your users.

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Managing your BI deployment

MANAGE and administer the deployment

Managing and administering a BI deployment is a difficult task—particularly as your customer base grows and your deployment with it. The Jaspersoft reporting platform provides a single environment for managing users, reports, dashboards, security, scheduling, and more, allowing administrators to orchestrate and manage deployments of any level of complexity.

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