BI Management & Administration Solution

Manage and secure BI deployments for your business and customers

One of the most overlooked and difficult aspects of reporting and analytics projects is distribution. How do you safely and reliably deliver reports and dashboards to your business and customers? How do you control who has access to what? And how do you manage this as your deployment grows? The Jaspersoft® BI management solution brings a full suite of capabilities that let administrators orchestrate and manage deployments of any complexity.

manage it all from one space

Manage it all from one space

Reporting and analytics deployments can be complex and it’s easy for managing them to get overwhelming, particularly as your deployments grow in size. JasperReports Server software provides a single environment for managing reports, dashboards, security, scheduling, data preparation, and more.

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Grow your BI deployment with ease

Grow your BI deployment with ease

When your business is growing, you want a reporting solution that’s designed to seamlessly grow with it. Jaspersoft multi-tenant architecture offers an organized way to manage users and customers, and to define permissions and access in a way that scales as your business or application scales.

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Mold it to your environment

Mold it to your environment

Every environment that a BI solution is deployed into is different: different technologies, versions, architectures, and processes. As an open source solution, Jaspersoft software gives developers the power of a best-in-class BI solution with the control and flexible endpoints required to integrate it into any identity management system, database technology, and even custom software.