Interactive Dashboard Software

Stay informed on key metrics and business moments

TIBCO Jaspersoft® interactive business intelligence dashboard software delivers at-a-glance summaries of valuable information. These summaries give users high-level understanding of the state of the business and the ability to respond quickly. Make your business or applications more competitive with Jaspersoft's state-of-the-art, embeddable dashboard solutions.

Help everyone understand data

Help everyone understand key data

Monitor performance metrics and ensure everyone understands important data for your business. With interactive BI dashboards, users can engage with and understand data at a glance and make more strategic business decisions.

Dashboard software embedded in an app

Shorten the insights-to-action gap

Help users find insights and take action immediately by providing interactive dashboards inside your application. Distill relevant business data into intuitive data visualizations and inject them into the user workflows of your application to make them easy for users to reference when they are making decisions and taking action in your app.

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Offer an enhanced dashboard UX

Offer an enhanced dashboard UX

Today, user experience (UX) is imperative. Users expect a seamless experience that delivers the information they need in an intuitive way. Customize the appearance and behavior of Jaspersoft dashboards by modifying colors, fonts, and styles, add hyperlinks that direct to external content, and much more.