Precision data visualization software

Wow your users with pixel-perfect reports, dashboards, and visualizations

Ready to make data valuable to your users? Jaspersoft® data visualization software provides several methods for designing data visualizations—whether you are developing rich reports and dashboards for thousands of customers, or simply want to provide users with an easy way to build their own reports.

Jaspersoft data visualization software can meet any design requirements

Create "perfect" designs your users love

Information consumers these days are picky. Jaspersoft® embedded BI gives you the ability to satisfy any user experience requirement with a pixel-perfect design tool capable of creating any report or visualization imaginable.

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Let any user be a designer

Let any user be a designer

Tired of creating every report, dashboard, and visualization for your users? Enable them to find answers on their own with self-service reporting. Our ad hoc design environment gives users an intuitive drag-and-drop design tool for building reports all on their own, instead of asking you to do it.

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Data Visualization Tools for rapid development

Speed Development

Save your developers from writing custom code for every report or visualization. Give them a development environment for creating reusable designs and components that can be used across multiple reports and visualizations. Build once, use everywhere.

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