DATABASICS gets back to core business with Jaspersoft

Accurate, efficient reporting delights customers


"Our business goal is to provide innovative, intuitive time and expense software that makes peoples' jobs easier," says Marcel Syriani, vice president and chief technology officer. "Before 2010, we had our own reporting engine. Our developers coded base reports that could only be updated with a product release. And only they could add customizations. As we began including credit card transactions, travel data, and P-card (purchase card) programs, customers began asking for more reporting options."

"We needed more flexibility and reporting power. Customers and partners wanted to accomplish more on their own, and our internal teams needed to provide training and a custom reporting billable service; options for outstanding reporting demos; and faster answers to increasing customer questions."


"We simply had to move from our in-house reporting system. The search began for a real-time reporting solution that would empower the company with business intelligence to get more done and compete in higher-end markets where reporting tools are not an option, but a necessity. I looked at a lot of tools. The one that was able to provide us with the most power was Jaspersoft®."


More power, more empowered customers

"More power means more ability to get the job done. Specifically, Jaspersoft provided some essential features. It was open-source, Java-based, and easy to integrate with our products using APIs. It is scalable, so it handles multiple years' lookup and auditing of timesheet and expense records for thousands of concurrent users. It provides a Single Sign-on environment, and data security through DATABASICS' authentication. And it had a user-friendly browser UI, analytics using charts and crosstabs, and ad hoc reporting and dashboards. It allows us to offer mobile reporting and include Google Maps in reports. Jaspersoft helped us empower our customers."

Offloaded support and training

"We now provide a bundled product that combines our time and expense software and embedded reporting tools provided by Jaspersoft. We made the decision to keep the Jaspersoft brand name and not white-label it. We believed the power came from the brand, and customers should also have access to resources and support provided by Jaspersoft. We give customers the flexibility to work with either Jaspersoft or DATABASICS. Multiple customers go directly to Jaspersoft for training."

Intuitive customer experience with faster report creation

"Clients have the benefit of a single employee reporting hub with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience. They are creating reports 80% faster. Plus, they can implement their own solutions with unique reporting tools."

Improved customer predictability, accuracy, efficiency

"Customers tell me they have increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. They can identify trends and outliers faster, so they have better control of spending, which helps forecasting and enables them to revisit policies more frequently."

"One customer, Critical Path, said, 'Our company is very satisfied with DATABASICS services. It has allowed us to improve operational efficiency, predictability, and profitability. As a global company, it is important for us to have standardized processes across all regions, and as our industry is very dynamic, we continue benefitting from DATABASICS for our changing reporting needs."

Customer retention

"The ability to adapt to changing needs is essential for today's global customer. Our adaptability, made possible through Jaspersoft reporting tools, is helping customer retention. In the end, every customer has unique needs, but reporting is always on the list. Customers can satisfy their reporting needs, and with our improved productivity, we can meet the needs of global customers and compete in higher-end markets."


"On the horizon are new integrations with partners, adding more functionality and configurability to our software. Providing the best tools for both administrators and end users is a major goal, and as new needs arise, we will create new technologies, including solutions like geo-fencing and mobile device clock in/out. We're also looking to open new satellite locations around the world."

80% faster

customer reporting

Customers tell me they have increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. They can identify employee trends and outliers faster, so they have better control of P-card spending, which facilitates budget forecasting and enables them to revisit policies more frequently.

Marcel Syriani

VP & Chief Technology Officer



DATABASICS time and expense cloud-based software provides end-to-end solutions in a single system. The company specializes in providing client solutions to complex problems of time and expense, leave management, purchase-card program management, travel expense, auditing, and budgeting.