A programmatic report designer for developers

Design any report or visualization imaginable

Jaspersoft Studio is a powerful desktop report designer for developing data visualizations and full-fledged reports. Featuring the industry’s most advanced design environment, it enables you to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports and data visualizations.

A report designer to meet any design requirements

Meet ANY design requirements

Design is a big deal for businesses seeking to compete in the age of user experience. Jaspersoft Studio features a pixel-perfect design environment enabling report and visualization authors to control every pixel of their work. This granular control allows Jaspersoft Studio to meet any design and business requirements.

Don’t re-create. Re-use.

Re-use, not recreate

At the heart of Jaspersoft Studio is reusability. It’s interface and features are oriented to support reuse of reports and components within reports like visualizations, styles, and data sources for future projects. This reusability saves tremendous amounts of development time and ensures consistency in designs as your collection of reports and visualization grows.

Customizable and Extensible

Customizable and Extensible

Jaspersoft Studio is offered as both a commercial and a community-supported product. The editions differ in functionality but source code is available for both. This allows developers to add custom features to support specific business requirements or tap into libraries and functionality from third-party software using its extensible architecture.

Widest Selection of Data Sources

Widest Selection of Data Sources

To truly design reports and visual representations of any kind of data, Jaspersoft Studio supports the widest selection of data sources of any report designer. Connect to SQL and NoSQL databases, flat files, data from Web Services, or use Jaspersoft Domains as a data source. If that’s not enough, define a custom data source to support your unique data needs.

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