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Some versions have been designated as Long Term Supported (LTS) versions. Please see here for more details.

06 / 2023

Jaspersoft 8.2 / JasperReports IO 3.2

View our 'What's New in 8.2' Webinar with our team of experts covering the latest in 8.2 followed by a live Q&A.

  • Jaspersoft 8.2 / JasperReports IO 3.2 is the latest Mainstream Release available to customers.
  • This release adds new and exciting features to Jaspersoft and JasperReports IO. View the Release Notes.

Removes insightsoftware Simba JDBC Drivers (“Simba Drivers”) in the Jaspersoft Product Suite. You can view details and FAQs here.

JasperReports Web Studio 2.0 - Much improved and production-ready

  • JasperReports® Web Studio 2.0 is a much improved and more functional version of JasperReports®Web Studio - Professional Edition 1.0. 
  • Data Adapters are now fully supported (jdbc, csv, excel, json, xml, JRS, jndi, query executor, mondrian, mongodb, datasource provider, datasource, javaBean, ejbql, spring, hibernate, xmla).
  • All JasperReports Library Elements, Highcharts, Fusion, Maps, Barcodes, and CVC are fully supported.
  • More advanced Dataset and Query Editor with Query Preview, Tables Schema browsing, and Fields generator are now available.
  • Report Viewer with Parameter Prompts, Bookmarks, Preview, and Search are now fully supported.
  • Enhanced Properties view and elements rendering are now available.

Report Splitting

  • Report splitting is a quicker, easier alternative to report bursting.
  • Report bursting works by having a report that creates scheduled jobs in a JasperReports Server instance for other reports. This way running a report results in having several other report jobs and outputs created based on the initial "burster" report execution on the initial "burster" report execution. Read more here. 

  • Report splitting works with a single report that can be run in the JasperReports Server scheduler. The output is split into several parts and stored accordingly in the repository. Similar to Report Bursting, emails can be sent to different recipients. Read more here


Jaspersoft Studio 8.2 and JasperReports Library 8.2

Excel Export Accessibility Compliance (WCAG AA)

WCAG AA compliance while using screen readers for Excel exports.

Excel and CSV Performance Improvements

While generating big Excel or CSV reports, there can be up to 60% performance improvements. Based on a new setting, JasperReports Library can allow skipping measuring string length for table and crosstab reports. This is useful when exporting Reports into data-centric formats, like Excel and CSV.

Marker Clustering in Google Maps 

When designing a report in Jaspersoft Studio, Designers can use marker clusters to cluster the map markers. It helps clean up the user interface when running map-based reports and improves performance when dealing with large data sets of over 200,000 Map Markers. Such reports can be executed in JasperReports Library and viewed in JasperReports Server.