What is Enterprise Reporting?

Enterprise reporting is the creation and distribution of reports concerning business performance to key decision makers in an organization. This may include reports on metrics on key performance indicators or information curated for day-to-day activities. Enterprise reporting provides users with a comprehensive view of the business and its performance at a high level with metrics, dashboards, graphs, and other user-friendly business intelligence tools.

Why is enterprise reporting important?

Design and deliver large volumes of reports to your business and customers in any format: from printed documents and PDFs to fully interactive reports on the web. End-users can interact with the reports you publish or build reports of their own. With enterprise reporting software, you can easily and affordably scale reporting to thousands of users.

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What are the benefits of enterprise reporting?

  • Enabling better decision making: Empower people to make better decisions faster by placing mission-critical information at their fingertips. With a developer-grade, cost-effective platform that's truly designed for reporting, you can inform the masses.
  • Delivering great customer experiences: Provide users with an easy-to-use interface to view and dive into their data. Distribute pixel-perfect reports on the web, inside an application, and even on mobile devices with Jaspersoft's modern production reporting software.
  • Increasing productivity: Spend less time fulfilling every request for a new report. Distribute the report-building load with a self-service report designer that enables business users to create reports on their own or modify existing reports started by IT or developers.
  • Connecting to innovation: Legacy enterprise reporting tools hold you back from innovation. They are outdated and not compatible with new technologies needed in the digital era. With modern enterprise reporting software, you can take advantage of modern APIs, emerging data sources, and new deployment methods.
Whitepaper: build vs buy your embedded BI and reporting tools
Build versus Buy: An In-depth Guide
This whitepaper provides a framework for the decision-making process and critical trade-offs between building or buying an embedded BI and reporting tool.

What are the necessary capabilities for enterprise reporting?

  • Interactive Reporting: Experience full interactivity with tables and charts including sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, moving/hiding columns, string search, zoom in/out, along with format changes that can be saved for re-use.
  • Pixel-perfect reporting: Seize complete control of your report design. Every element of a report—visualizations, text, images, and more—can be formatted to the individual pixel. Meet any regulatory requirements or simply be beautifully precise.
  • Self-service reporting: Build interactive, ad-hoc reports with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer. Make report-building easy for non-technical users in a highly configurable secure environment.
  • Open architecture: Built on an open architecture, enterprise reporting software lets you connect to any data source, deploy using any method, and work with modern RESTful APIs. Take source code and add your own custom features to it.
  • Multi-tenant support: Need to distribute client statements? Deliver financial or regulatory reports? Embed reports in software applications? With multi-tenancy, you can easily control access to data and reports across all levels of users, groups, and customers.
  • Distribute in any format: Deliver your reports as printed documents and PDFs or as fully interactive web content. Enterprise reports can be published in PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, PPT, CSV, DOC, RTF, ODT and JSON format.

Enterprise Reporting with Jaspersoft

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