Professional Services

Accelerating time to market, reducing risk and spending wisely

Your development team is saying that everything will be easy, but do they have the proper skill set to make you successful? Is your system provisioned and configured properly? Are you following best practices in integration and development? Work with our skilled consultants to reduce risk and development costs, and get your system into production more rapidly.



TIBCO Jaspersoft®  offers key solutions to help you evaluate your Jaspersoft® implementation within your environment. Choose from pilot programs or a proof of concept (POC) to kick off your evaluation.


Pilot Programs

If you’re facing time and resource constraints, and training and prototyping aren’t enough, consider the Jaspersoft Pilot Program. During a two to four week engagement, a Jaspersoft professional services consultant will collaborate with your team to develop a working, end-to-end implementation of the Jaspersoft BI platform with your reports, analytics, and data. Learn more.



Accelerate your time to market while reducing risk and saving on development costs. TIBCO offers key solutions to get your system into production quickly, including a number of jumpstart programs and customer success bundles that allow you to pick and choose service offerings. TIBCO can also provide a dedicated technical account manager and/or advisory services that can help you achieve ultimate success.


Expedite Your Implementation

Enable your team to come up to speed quickly on the Jaspersoft BI platform and expedite your implementation. In just a few days, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the product as well as working prototypes based on your data sources.

Get more information about the various Jumpstarts:

Learn more about Jumpstart Programs.


Customized Success Packages

Depend on the experts to help you get your Jaspersoft implementation up-to-speed. With Jaspersoft Success Bundles, you’ll have the support you need to efficiently move through all the stages of the software implementation cycle. Jaspersoft Success Bundles include two weeks of professional services that can be applied to a number of options. Learn more.


Dedicated Success Management

Technical account managers at TIBCO will be your main point of contact as you implement and configure your Jaspersoft deployment. Any issues will be escalated via the TAM to ensure your implementation is simple and stress free. To learn more, contact us.


Advisory Services

Engage with the experts at TIBCO to understand your business intelligence requirements and plan your project implementation. Expert advisors will meet with your business and technical team leaders to understand your business objectives, system architecture, and technical requirements, and will provide best practices for developing, rolling out, and supporting an optimal implementation.



Implement your Jaspersoft Business Intelligence tools seamlessly without stress. Reduce development cycles and cut implementation costs by engaging with the experts at TIBCO. TIBCO has solutions to ensure your implementation meets your needs.


Advanced Reporting Workshop

Both new report developers and those that have been working with Jaspersoft software for a while will successfully prototype some of their most challenging reports in the Advanced Reporting Jumpstart. Using your own data and report mockups, your team will gain practical experience working with advanced reporting including concepts such as conditional formatting, sub-reports, sub-datasets, and calculations. Learn more.


Integration Jumpstart

For developers embedding or integrating Jaspersoft software within an existing application, the Integration Jumpstart will help reduce the development cycle and cut implementation costs. Learn about the architecture and APIs of the Jaspersoft BI Suite and gain expert recommendations for UI, security, and data source integration. Learn more.


Time for Hire

Time for hire provides the flexibility of bringing in Jaspersoft experts on an as-needed basis. Projects can range from architecture and deployment recommendations to UI, application, and security requirements. Learn more.

Production Assistance


TIBCO has the solutions you need to stay competitive, improve your performance, and maximize ROI. The Upgrade Assistance Program and the Production Optimization Workshop are the tools you need to boost your deployment and realize your total investment.


Upgrade Assistance

As your business continues to grow and excel, you need a BI solution that can help you stay competitive. By upgrading your Jaspersoft deployment, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features and functionalities including report interactivity and analytics, as well as advanced scheduling – all of which helps reduce your report backlog. Learn more.


Production Optimization Workshop

Rapidly improve the performance of your BI solution and maximize your ROI with the Jaspersoft Production Optimization Workshop. This workshop is a program implemented to help you better understand your system’s performance and fine-tune your current Jaspersoft configuration. Learn more.