Support definitions

General terms


“Incidents” (also known as “cases”) are any and all cases logged with Jaspersoft® Support, including defects and feature requests. When a case is logged, Jaspersoft Support will attempt to reproduce the reported issue and provide the following services:

  • Investigate possible workarounds for reported defects or product limitations.
  • Ensure issues logged as cases by customers gain increased visibility and prioritization. Customers also have a single point of contact (the case owner) who can provide them with the latest information about the issue.
  • Support may also confer with our engineers and determine if a reported defect actually results from unintended use of product functionality, determine the appropriate solution, and provide it to the customer.

If a customer wishes to report a defect, but does not want the issue to impact the number of “incidents remaining” for the customer’s account, the defect can be reported through the public channels available to the Jaspersoft community. Defects reported via the Jaspersoft community will be addressed based on standard prioritization guidelines, and timing will be dependent upon the availability of resources.

Initial response time

The maximum amount of time between when a case is logged and when it is acknowledged and assigned by Jaspersoft Customer Support.

Follow-up response time

The maximum amount of time between communications on an existing open case that has the status of “Open.”


The status given to a case that is currently being investigated by Jaspersoft Customer Support.

Pending customer response

The status given to a case when Jaspersoft Customer Support is awaiting additional information or confirmation from the customer.

Defect/enhancement submitted

The status given to a case when an enhancement request has been submitted for Product Management consideration, or a defect has been submitted to Engineering for resolution.

Severity levels

A severity one (S1) issue is a catastrophic production problem within Jaspersoft software that severely impacts the customer's production systems or in which customer's production systems are down or not functioning; there is a loss of production data and no work around exists.

A severity two (S2) issue is a problem within Jaspersoft software where the customer’s system is functioning but in a severely reduced capacity. The situation is causing a significant impact to portions of the customer's business operations and productivity. The system is exposed to potential loss or interruption of service. Issues existing in a non-production environment that would otherwise qualify as a severity one (S1) issue qualify as a severity two (2) issue.

A severity three (S3) issue is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial, non-critical functionality loss. The issue impairs some operations, but allows the customer to continue to function. This may be a minor issue with limited loss or no loss of functionality or impact to the customer's operation and issues, for which there is an easy circumvention or avoidance by the end user.

A severity four (S4) issue is a general usage question or issue that may be cosmetic in nature or documentation related. Jaspersoft software works without any functional limitation.

An enhancement request is a recommendation for future product enhancement or modification to add official support and documentation for unsupported or undocumented features, or features that do not exist in Jaspersoft software. Jaspersoft will take ERs into consideration in the product management process, but has no obligation to deliver enhancements based on any ER.

Support levels

Frontline support including assistance with product access, license issues, general knowledge or knowledge-base-level question, and known errors. Includes initial troubleshooting and bug confirmation.

Advanced support including the reproduction and characterization of any errors on a currently supported version and platform. A best effort will be made to resolve or provide a short-term workaround for any error.

Escalated support including further troubleshooting and consultation, possible remote troubleshooting, and consultation with product engineering.

Product engineering assistance to provide code-level resolutions to critical problems. May result in a patch or hot-fix for the current product release or escalation of an issue into an upcoming product release.

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