Articulate the problem and symptoms in a detailed but concise fashion. Be as exact as possible in explaining your problem or question to our support engineers. Include steps used to reproduce the problem as well as any steps you have already tried to resolve the problem.

Answers to the following questions will help us resolve your problem as quickly as possible:

  • What Jaspersoft product and version are you running?
  • On what platform are you running Jaspersoft software? (Operating system, application server, database server, JDK, etc.)
  • What steps led to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps are required?
  • Have any changes been made recently that could have triggered the issue?
  • What error messages were received during the time of the problem?

The availability of diagnostic information, such as system log files, traces, and data dumps, will often help our support engineers pinpoint the cause of an error. Please provide as much of this information as possible. If you do not know how to gather this information, please review our FAQ’s and Solutions Knowledgebase, or contact Jaspersoft Customer Support.

When submitting a case, please assign a priority level based on the estimated business priority of the reported issue. This will help us understand the impact of the problem on your organization so we can prioritize and respond appropriately.

How to contact Jaspersoft Customer Support

Should you need to submit a case with Jaspersoft Customer Support, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Related product and version information
  • Detailed problem description 
  • Related information on the severity of the issue based on the defined severity levels

Submitting cases through the web

You may submit your request for assistance by logging into This method of submission ensures the accuracy of the information you submit and allows for complete tracking of the case, with related comments and attachments. If you are a premium support customer submitting a severity 1 (S1) issue outside of normal business hours, we recommend that you follow up with a call to our support line. Please reference the case number provided when you submitted your case. This will ensure that your call will be handled in the appropriate time frame.

Other ways to contact Jaspersoft Customer Support

Jaspersoft Customer Support can also be reached through the following channels:

How Jaspersoft Customer Support handles requests

All cases submitted to Jaspersoft Customer Support are logged into our case tracking system. Once logged, they are assigned a unique number and routed to a Jaspersoft Customer Support engineer.  This number can be used to reference your case through our support website. In addition, this number should be used when calling or emailing Jaspersoft regarding your case. The assigned Jaspersoft Customer Support engineer will research your issue and respond with advice or additional questions to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.  Our support team will often work together, and with members of the Jaspersoft Product Engineering team, to resolve your issue. Your issue may move through a series of support levels including frontline support, advanced support, escalated support, and product engineering.

Resolution procedures

If at any time you feel that you are not receiving a level of service that meets your expectations, you may ask to have your case escalated. You can request escalation via a case comment, or use one of our escalation channels (phone, chat or the 'Escalate Case' button).

Support policies scope of coverage

Jaspersoft® Customer Support provides support for:

  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis

Jaspersoft does not provide support for:

  • Modified installers or deployment packages
  • Product customizations or code development
  • System and network design
  • Design and implementation of development, release, or security policies and practices
  • Jaspersoft add-ons/utilities or other components that are not part of the base Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite
  • Release candidate or preview features
  • Undocumented features or functionality
  • Uncertified platforms

This applies to the commercial editions of the components that make up the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite, including the JasperReports® Library, JasperReports Server software, and Jaspersoft ETL software.

API support: Scope of coverage

In addition to the information above, the following information applies to Jaspersoft Support policies for our APIs (REST, JavaScript, Java, etc.).

Jaspersoft Technical Support offers the following level of assistance for APIs:

  • Confirmation that Jaspersoft proprietary methods, functions, and variables return results as documented in our materials

Jaspersoft Technical Support does not provide assistance for:

  • Customer’s own application, code, system configuration, or issues that result from conflicts therein

Partner support policy

Partners that are system integrators or resellers are supported through our sales team for pre-sales support, or through the support agreement in place with the Jaspersoft customer they are working with, for implementation and on-going production support. Partners engaging Jaspersoft Customer Support on behalf of a joint customer should do so through the named contact(s) and incidents available to the customer.

Support procedures

Before contacting Jaspersoft Customer Support

Many Jaspersoft customers are able to resolve their technical issues by using our Knowledge Search, a single search portal that finds results in all our forums, knowledge bases (wikis), and documentation. Prior to contacting Jaspersoft Customer Support, we recommend using the Knowledge Search interface because your question or issue may already be known and a solution may exist. If you still need to contact Jaspersoft for support, please provide the following information so we can assist you:

Contact us for details and pricing