Integration Jumpstart

Application developers who are integrating or embedding TIBCO Jaspersoft® software into their product will find that the Integration Jumpstart Program dramatically reduces their development cycle and implementation costs.

"We…have everything installed so we're all set...We had good discussions on data sources, [the Jaspersoft Consultant] provided good recommendations on data retrieval, and we just discussed security this morning. Yesterday [the Consultant] created sample reports and I think we have a really good strategy on what and how we're going to expose to reports to customers. I think we're right on track with everything, [The Consultat] has been great and very helpful."
--Hetal Thaker, Sr. Product Manager, The Savo Group

We'll Review

  • Your application architecture and requirements
  • Your security model
  • Your data source properties

Things You'll Learn

  • All about the architecture and APIs of the Jaspersoft® BI Suite
  • UI and application integration
  • Security integration strategies
  • Data source integration

Get Your Hands Dirty

  • Integrating Jaspersoft software into your user interface via iFrames or Visualize.js
  • Assisting with security integration
  • Assisting with data source integration

Deliverables Include

  • Expert recommendations for UI, security, and data source integration
  • A project wrap-up document

When and Where?

  • Duration is four days scheduled at your convenience
  • Your choice! Your place or online.