Pilot Programs

The Fastest Route to Operational BI

Are you facing time and/or resource constraints and training and prototyping aren't enough? To get to a working TIBCO Jaspersoft® software implementation with the core BI functionality, consider the Jaspersoft® Pilot Program.

During a two to six-week engagement, a Jaspersoft professional services consultant will collaborate with your team to develop a working, end-to-end implementation of the Jaspersoft BI platform.

"The time that we spent with [the Jaspersoft Consultant] was invaluable. We have things actually working now using our reports in a development environment. We are very encouraged and looking forward to implementing changes in our production environment."

--Mark Walls, COO, Illuminate ED

The Reporting Pilot – four weeks (16 business days)

  • Install and configure Jaspersoft Professional Edition.
  • Integrate TIBCO JasperReports® Server software with LDAP or Active Directory for centralized authentication. (Unified authorization or SSO implementation may extend the duration of the project.)
  • Perform a report specification collection workshop.
  • Develop three simple reports either from scratch or from designs of existing reports.
  • Develop one intermediate complexity report either from scratch or from designs of existing reports.
  • Create two dashboard-only reports containing a graph.
  • Create up to two dashboards combining the reports created during the pilot and mash-up materials already available on the Internet or corporate intranet.
  • Create a company-specific theme using the customer's logo and corporate colors.
  • Develop up to two domains to create a base semantic layer from the customer's data.
  • Implement up to two ad hoc reports for each of the domains previously developed.
  • Provide a final demonstration of the pilot to appropriate customer stakeholders.
  • Document the solution with a project wrap-up document.

The Enterprise Pilot – six weeks (24 business days)

  • Includes everything listed above in the Reporting Pilot
  • Data design and requirements workshop
  • Develop three simple ETL jobs

Reports Described Above

Simple Report

  • Simple tabular report with a maximum of five tables
  • Out of the box calculated fields
  • Up to five formula fields
  • Two level deep grouping with running totals
  • Up to four input parameters / internal filters
  • No sub-reports or graphs
  • Up to five detail sections
  • Up to 30 field objects
  • No custom functions
  • No conditional formatting

Intermediate-Complex Report

  • Tabular report with a maximum of seven tables
  • Reports with simple charts/graphs and a maximum of five control breaks
  • Simple to medium complex calculated fields
  • Up to 10 formula fields
  • Three to four-level deep grouping with running totals
  • Up to six input parameters / internal filters
  • No sub-reports or graphs
  • Up to 10 detail sections
  • Up to 50 field objects
  • Up to five custom functions in basic syntax
  • No custom functions in Jaspersoft Studio syntax
  • Conditional formatting on one field

*Pilot tasks and deliverables can be customized, but such changes may require additional time.