Jaspersoft Production Audit

Are you sure you're getting the most out of your TIBCO Jaspersoft® deployment? Production audits are a great way to understand your system's performance characteristics and fine-tune the configuration. Think of it as a 50,000-mile service for your BI system. You'll come away with improved performance and a better understanding of the software you already own.

We'll Review and Provide Recommendations for

  • Your Jaspersoft® application configuration
  • Your Jaspersoft platform, web applications server, and database configurations
  • Integrations such as web services, LDAP, and ETL
  • Load balancing and disaster recovery plans
  • New Jaspersoft features that may make your application more powerful
  • Performance of sample reports

Get Your Hands Dirty

  • With long-term application, architecture, and deployment planning
  • Improving performance


  • Long-term architectural and deployment plan
  • Load balancing and disaster recovery plan
  • A project wrap-up document

When and Where?

  • Duration is four days scheduled at your convenience
  • Your choice! Your place or online.

To enroll or learn more, contact sales. You must have a valid support contract.