Platforms Supported by Jaspersoft

TIBCO supports a robust platform stack to meet the needs of almost every organization. The table below contains a summary of supported platforms. For details on specific version numbers and timeframes to support different platforms, please consult the JasperReports Server Platform Support (Commercial Edition/Community) Guide on the [TIBCO Jaspersoft® Documentation page.

NOTE: Review the TIBCO JasperReports® Server Supported Platform datasheet on the Jaspersoft® Documentation page before using or upgrading to the latest version of Jaspersoft software.


Community + Commercial
Edition (Extensions or Certifications)

Commercial Only
(Extensions or Certifications)

Reference Operating Systems:

Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Novell SUSE Linux, MacOS, Debian Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris Sparc, Fedora, FreeBSD, IBM AIX
(All Windows OS, Linux and OSX are supported by Jaspersoft Studio)

Amazon Linux

Application Servers:

Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WildFly

IBM Websphere, Oracle WebLogic Server

Data Sources:

AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS – PostgreSQL, Bean, JNDI, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, MongoDB, MondoDB JDBC, PostgreSQL, Relational: JDBC 2.1 + SQL-92, Virtual Data Source, XLS Data Source, XLSX Data Source

Jaspersoft OLAP, XML/A Connection, Custom (e.g. Hibernate, XML, etc.) MySQL InnoDB storage engine, Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, , JBoss Teiid, Sybase ASE, Sybase SQL Anywhere, ElasticSearch, TIBCO Data Virtualization, , REST API, Infobright, Vertica, Greenplum Database, Ingres Vectorwise, Netezza, Teradata, Snowflake

Web Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge




Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Interested in Docker? Visit the js-docker GitHub Repo for a sample of how to deploy and run the JasperReports® Server in a Docker container.

If you don't see your preferred platform please Contact TIBCO and ask us!